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Please Read Prior to Making an Appointment

Must not be nursing or pregnant, no exception.

No lash extensions! Must remove extensions 2 weeks prior to your appointment, even if you’re only making an appointment for the bottom Eyeliner. Must wait 3 weeks after appointment before putting eyelash extensions back on.

Must be off Eyelash Serums 6 weeks prior to the appointment. We cannot guarantee lash serums may or may not fade permanent eyeliner in time. Must wait 6 weeks to start using serum again.

Absolutely no contacts inside the eyes during the procedure. Must bring glasses to Eyeliner appointment, and must be ready to wear glasses for the first week of healing (or as long as the scabbing is going on, normally 5-7 days).

No makeup during the healing process! No mascara for 2 weeks or while scabbing is going on. No lash curlers for 2 weeks, and no strip lashes or lash extensions for 2 months after the procedure.